Foods You Should Never Reheat And Why?

1. Chicken:

Chicken is considered protein power pack; reheating cooked chicken in the microwave breaks
its vital protein structure and could cause indigestion & bloating.

2. Mushroom:

Reheating mushroom even at a low temperature might create heart issues if consumed.

3. Potato:

All essential dietary nutrients in potatoes are destroyed by reheating and generates unwanted
chemicals that harms your digestion process.

4. Eggs:

Any form of eggs can turn non-edible when heated.

5. Spinach and Celery:

The vital nutrients in spinach turn into nitrates when reheated and generates cancer-causing
cells in your body.

6. Beets

Reheating beets makes them carcinogenic and becomes inedible as their precious nutrients
are killed, during the process.

7. Turnips

Turnips are a common ingredient used in soups and stews. They contain high amount of
nitrates which turns toxic on reheating.

8. Oils

Grape seed oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil, and flaxen seed oil all have very low
smoke points. When you reheat them, they become rancid. Avoid using them as cooking oil.
Rather, sprinkle or drizzle them over your meals at the end of cooking to enhance the taste of
the food.

9. Butter lettuce

Benefits of this green leafy veggie can only be gained if you eat it raw. It contains high amount
of nitrate which can cause poisoning on reheating.

An Article By
Dr. Neha Suryawanshi