How to overcome pre menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)?

PMDD  all you know is extended form of PMS- pre menstrual syndrome. Most of the women of their entire life suffer from PMS. But the symptoms of PMS are much low in intensity. So women can easily cope up well with it. But in PMDD, she becomes weak mentally as well physically.

There’s no particular treatment of this syndrome but the nature can help you by bringing herbs into your lifestyle.

PMDD has significant effect on your mental health because 2nd phase of your menstrual cycle is releasing projesterone hormones more. So it affects more on mental level.

These are some remedies

1. Cold pack on abdomen

Blood circulation increases in this period and cold therapy always work in pain relief.

2. Switch on to fruit sugar

Many women craves sweet in this period because of hormonal imbalance. And it’s nothing wrong in it. But having fruit is the right choice because can sugar makes  worse the condition. Do not go for ice creams and cup cakes. It’s a difficult a bit ladies but push your self for a change. You will see the miracle! Go for apples, strawberries,  blue berries wow! You ll be so relaxed ..

3. Add more follate

Spinach is the best choice , it’s very healthy for womb and if you’re planning your kid, it’s the best form of natural follate.

4. Say no to anti depressant

Go for counselling,  a better choice. Less you take medications, you will feel good. Maybe that will take time, also need extra efforts. Keep your self busy in your hobbies. Say no to negative people around you! Respect elders, be a kid with children. You will see there’s a new hope new life ahead without having anti depression drugs.

Push your self to do breathing meditation . Calm and relax your self.

Survive your self! Talk to your self!

Be great ! Be you!

And remember you are awesome ..


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